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IXIASOFT is the creator of TEXTML Server, the first XML Content Server for OEMs and developers of XML applications. TEXTML is the underlying technology that enables unrivalled performance for a wide variety of applications with large volumes of documents such as patient health records management, company knowledge bases, government public records or WAP content. Every feature of our technology was created with XML in mind. The net impact is easier and faster access to information.

  IXIASOFT to provide high performance XML search for Microsoft Content Management Server 2002

IXIASOFT and Adobe join forces to offer end-to-end XML publishing solutions

  Availability of the IXIASOFT Integration Kit for Microsoft Content Management 2002

ADOBE FrameMaker Integration Kit available now for download

  University of Buffalo chooses TEXTML Server for its online library

EADS Germany purchases TEXTML Server for Airbus A380

Hot Chow Solutions purchases TEXTML Server for the US Army


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