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Products FAQ

General Issues

What is TEXTML Server?
What fundamental issue does your product solve?
Why should I use a native XML Content Server instead of a relational database to manage my unstructured content?
How can TEXTML Server work with my existing database architecture?
How is TEXTML Server different from other XML Database?
Who should use TEXTML Server?
How can TEXTML Server reduce the time and cost associated with XML-enabled solutions?
How does TEXTML Server help me in searching my XML Content?
Does TEXTML Server rely on Schemas or DTDs?
Does TEXTML Server outperform MS SQL and ORACLE when managing XML documents?
How can TEXTML Server help me publish my XML content to the web?
How can TEXTML Server help me personalize content?

Technical Issues

How do I map my XML content to tables?
What do you mean by 'Dynamic Indexing'?
How do you manage semi-structured XML documents with unknown schemas?
How is TEXTML Server queried?
How does TEXTML Server manage user privileges ?
Can the database handle concurrent access?
Is your Server performance affected by multiple user transactions? (Read/Write/Query)
Can I control what gets indexed in a document?
Can I define indexes across multiple documents?
In what programming language is TEXTML Server written?
What platform does TEXTML Server support?
What interfaces to the database are available?
How does TEXTML Server handle different languages when it comes to indexing and retrieving?
Do you have an SDK?
Do you offer any tutorials?