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XML Content Server...
It’s a Repository for XML content, an Indexing Engine and a Search Engine. TEXTML Server is an XML Content Server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content.

Built for OEM Integration...
It is designed as an OEM product to build document-centric XML applications where the content consists mostly of semi-structured, rich information. The key advantages of TEXTML Server include the ability to combine full-text and metadata search, speed of execution, schema independence, ease of integration and its aggressive, OEM-geared pricing model.

Download a full-featured evaluation version of TEXTML Server and receive 30 days of free support.

Check out TEXTML Server Lite - The perfect backend solution for web builders.

TEXTML Server offers you the following:

  • Scalability. Can store, index and retrieve millions of documents
  • Real-Time Indexing. A dynamic system where indexes and content are in perfect synchronization. The indexes are updated dynamically as documents are being modified (additions, modifications, removals).
  • Flexible Indexes. Ability to choose exactly which elements and attributes to index and logically group related elements or attributes under the same index, creating very precise searching conditions and optimizing the performance.
  • Check-in/Check-out features. Even when making changes to a document, the information is still searchable by users in read-only mode. However, the document which is being modified cannot be checked out by another user.
  • Intuitive Administration Console. (index and doc base management, security, etc.) It is a snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console, which most developers have had the opportunity to utilize before.
  • Portability. COM+ API (.Net compatible), JAVA API, and WebDAV Server are available.
  • Fast Time-to-Market. ASP toolkit for rapid implementation
  • Low Hardware Costs. Outstanding performance with minimal hardware. It is possible to install TEXTML Server on a laptop and search through 2 million documents with very precise queries.
  • Superior Searching Capabilities. Built-in high performance search engine able to search on full-text, string, date, time and numerical indexes. Search operators include Boolean, Proximity, Frequency, Priority, Wildcards and Right and Left Truncation.
  • Search Results Sorting. Powerful multi-criterion sorting allows a customization of the order in which results are presented.
  • Standards Support. Complies with standards such as XPath, etc.
  • XMP Support. The latest version of TEXTML Server supports Adobe's new XMP framework which enables XML metadata to be embedded in otherwise unsearchable application files such as PDFs and images.

Product Overview:

TEXTML Server Overview

White Papers:

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-Publishing and Media
-Defense and Aerospace
-Document Management
-Case Studies

Data Mapping
- DataExchanger

XML Editors
- FrameMaker
- XML Spy
- XMetal
- WorX


Complete Product Documentation

TEXTML Server Requirements

TEXTML Server Release Notes

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Based on customer feedback and benchmarks, TEXTML Server has proven to be a superior product in both performance and ease of development, winning the trust of integrators and end users. Because the product itself is arguably the fastest to search and retrieve XML documents, you will be extremely satisfied with the results.

For more information contact IXIASOFT Sales at [email protected]